Book Eight: Megan's Legacy


Megan Larkin is forced to discover the truth to set herself free from a legacy of family secrets and obsessions.


The Collective Obsessions Saga concludes with book eight, Megan's Legacy.


A serial killer is on the loose in Larkin City, targeting women with long, blonde hair...


Liam Larkin develops a hotel and winery to attract tourists. He hires Sommelier Petra Fortescue-Pemberton to organize sophisticated wine-tasting parties, finding love where he least expects it.


Twins Diana and Derek Larkin make their own way in Larkin City. Diana becomes the local television news anchor and embroils herself in a secret love affair, while Derek follows his culinary passions by opening an elegant restaurant known as The Silver Tassel.


Megan Larkin, only child of Liam Larkin and Carly O'Reilly Sullivan, falls for Boston attorney Luke Castaneda. Locals try to warn Luke about Megan's family history of madness and tragedy, but he falls in love with the shy and retiring Megan, determined to make her his wife.


Other forces are at work to ensure the union never takes place, bringing another veil of evil over the Larkin's and their self-named city in the guise of a serial killer.


Megan is forced to discover the truth and to set herself free from a legacy of family secrets and obsessions.


Megan's Legacy was released by Club Lighthouse Publishing in December 2013.


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Megan's Legacy is available at Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook) and in multiple formats at the Club Lighthouse web site.


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"Megan's Legacy" by Deidre Dalton


ISBN: 978-1-927337-88-2


BNID: 2940149036301

Club Lighthouse Family Epic Edition

Series: Collective Obsessions, Book Eight

Released: December 1, 2013

Cover Art: T.L. Davison





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