"About Larkin" by Deidre Dalton is a bonus guide to the Collective Obsessions Saga.

About Larkin City

Larkin City, Maine is a fictional harbor town featured in the Collective Obsessions Saga by Deidre Dalton.

Larkin City is marked with the double-sided red arrow on the map pictured at right. Click on the image to view larger map size in a new window.

The Larkin estate is located six miles outside the city limits. The family mansion is collectively based on several existing structures, including:

The house is a combination of vernacular Châteauesque and mock Tudor design, with elaborate towers, spires and black-mullioned windows. Ivy and moss cling to the exterior walls, giving the mansion a rather eerie ambiance.

The Larkin Mansion is partially based on Biltmore House (Asheville, NC).

The family cemetery on the Larkin estate was inspired by gothic images from the game Return to Ravenhearst (Mystery Case Files).

Inspiration for the Larkin Family Cemetery based on the game "Return to Ravenhearst" (Mystery Case Files). Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

Other notable buildings in Larkin City include the ever-popular Bruno's Café (established 1926), Amber Whale Tavern (pictured below), Brickyard Square, Clyde's Billiard Hall (established 1956), Banshee Point Hotel, Golf Course & Winery; Phoebe's Boutique (replaced by the Amber Whale), The Byre Resort, Larkin City University (LCU), the Silver Tassel Restaurant, and the Coven Nightclub.

The Amber Whale Tavern & Lodging House (est. 1870) is located on Main Street in Larkin City near the harbor, between a haberdashery and the Sea Wharf Cafe and one block from the grocery store. Burned down in 1904, it was replaced by Phoebe's Boutique. The dress shop was torn down in 1979 and the Amber Whale was rebuilt to original 1870 specs.

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Map showing Waldo County, Maine. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.

Area map of Larkin City, Maine.

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