webs divine: web design

WEBS DIVINE offers professionally designed web sites to client specification in regards to color scheme, font arrays, size of site, specific themes and other specifications. Design includes layout, contact forms, drop-down menus, arrangement of text, access management and download options. Our templates ensure visual consistency by employing uniform fonts, formatting icons, images and layout techniques.

Web Design Services:

Design, generate and revise company web pages, including graphics, animation and functionality.

Maintain web site content, and assure quality and filing integrity of web pages.

Develop web page infrastructure related to pages with graphics and other features (linked graphics).

Present a consistent visual image on a web site by ensuring uniform fonts, formatting icons, images, layout techniques and modularization.

Design and create personalized logos and menu buttons as needed.

Create special features using code (ex: scrolling text, CSS navigation menus, small pop-up windows to name a few) and flash photo galleries using images in conjunction with swf and xml files.

Edit images for quality and functionality on the web site.

Design and present online newsletters with working hyperlinks, images, consistent layout and colors.

Control upload for all modified or new content to the web site through the web host.

Construction & Design:

We can build simple web sites or multi-paged web sites that include images, forms, standard or personalized logos and buttons, flash photo galleries, online stores, and more. Quotes are free.

The fee for consultation on color schemes, fonts and other web site features is $15 per hour, with a one-hour minimum. The fee for initial web site creation is $25 per hour.

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Summary of Standard Fees:

Quick Quote: Free. Includes pricing on a basic web site with no more than five pages excluding personalized graphics.

Consultation on color schemes, fonts and other web site features: $15/per hour, one hour minimum.

Initial Web Site Creation: $25 per hour, one hour minimum. Separate fees apply for personalized logos and navigation buttons and flash photo galleries.

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Maintenance of published web site:

Continued maintenance on a finished web site includes updates, minimal design changes and other design-related requests as needed. Our typical monthly maintenance fee ranges from $50 to $150 depending on site size and complexity. However, if a client wishes to completely re-do their web site or change the design altogether, the fee schedule for a new web site will apply.

Webs Divine Notices:

Please read WEBS DIVINE Notices before requesting a quote.